Sweden’s Top Five Singles

I don’t like to consider myself as a ‘music hipster’ but I rarely find myself enjoying the songs in the charts. I’ll often look to see if I do but it’s just not my kind of music. As I’m half Swedish, I figured that I’d look at what tracks people listen to in Sweden to vary my ongoing search for good music.

5. Danny Saucedo- Snacket på stan

Kicking off the top 5 is this pretty original track from Danny Saucedo, who rose to fame through the TV show Idol (similar to X Factor). There is definite influences from Earth Wind and Fire with the instrumentals, very groovy. I won’t pretend to understand the lyrics but Danny clearly has a solid singing voice which I have enjoyed listening to. A nice and simple pop track that I can completely understand making it’s way into the top 5.

4. The Weekend feat. Daft Punk- Starboy

I’ll be brutally honest and say that I’m not a fan of this song at all. It falls solidly into the ‘club song’ genre and though I’ve tried to like songs similar to this, they’ve never done it for me. The vocals and instrumental are clearly well made but I just didn’t enjoy the track but given the 1.6 million YouTube views I think at least a few other people do.

3.The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey- Closer

Still holding a spot in the top despite coming out in July, this is a track that I was actually pretty familiar with. However, this doesn’t mean that I enjoyed the music. As with most songs it was heavily reliant on an electronic bass-line which shouldn’t mean the song is by default a bad track, but the unimaginative lyrics made it into a pretty mediocre bit of music.

2. Jill Johnson- Open Your Heart

I was pretty shocked at the quality of Open Your Heart. The lyrics aren’t anything special but Johnson brings some fantastic vocal power to a song that otherwise wouldn’t be that great. I was pleasantly surprised with Open Your Heart and I’m actually considering buying it.

1. James Arthur- Say You Won’t Let Go

This is definitively my favourite track out of the top 5. James Arthur has a great set of vocals which is paired with a pretty catchy acoustic guitar backing. The lyrics have plenty of emotion in them and as with Open Your Heart, I can also see myself buying this pretty catchy tune.

Overall I was pretty impressed with Sweden’s top 5. I was expecting the usual rubbish that we get in the UK but I came across a handful of songs that I mostly liked and would quite happily listen to again. In future I might look into other countries top tracks to see what is trending elsewhere in the world.


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