Realising my Appreciation for Music

One of our goals here at Feedback is to shine a light on various topics surrounding music and I think we’ve managed to accomplish that since our site’s been established. To that end, one of the things we wanted to do was to provide a platform for local singers to further promote themselves on. Giving them an opportunity to publish their music through another outlet while briefly speaking to us about their inspirations and ambitions.

We managed to do this when we reached out to someone called Barney Packer who we did a recording session and interview with, and as our recording and interview session progressed I began to develop a true appreciation of music.

To be rather candid, I have very little interest in music as whole. As me and the other editors of Feedback were discussing ideas on what to base our website on, we agreed that we wanted to write about something that we all had at least a passing interest in. This was to help create an atmosphere and environment where all of us would be eager to create new content for our site; an area of shared interest that would create enthusiasm in each of us.

But I’ve never truly cared about music. I like it, definitely, and I can tell you what music I like or dislike but I knew when I agreed with Feedback writers Innes, Max and Ryan to create a website focused solely on it that I would struggle. Finding ways to inspire myself to write about something that I’m largely apathetic towards was a challenge in and of itself. My hope was that by writing for Feedback, writing articles based on things I did like which included music, I would to grow to appreciate it, at least to the extent where I could be truly passionate when creating content.

Yet it wasn’t happening. I felt satisfied with the work I produced but my stance remained passive. I wanted to feel enthused to write about music, not just pleased that I was able to write something at all. And while I still haven’t exactly found the thing I was hoping for; that moment while working on this site that would create this instant connection between myself and music, I do think speaking to Barney has helped me in getting there.

He spoke to us about his enjoyment and satisfaction when playing music and how he hopes those who listen to his, will simply like what he creates. That by being able to affect someone through music alone is more than enough for him to feel happy with what he produces.

It might be the disconnect I have due to my lack of interest with music and how it doesn’t personally affect me in any positive or negative way. Again I don’t particularly like or dislike music and to be fair I’m not sure if I ever will, not the way I’ve described at least. But I hadn’t ever considered the way music can profoundly influence other people. This is where I found my appreciation for music, at least for now.

That probably sounds like a compromise, maybe it is. I still don’t have that fire in my stomach for music that I was hoping to find that would subsequently show through my work, at least in my eyes. But the appreciation for music I’ve managed to find whilst working here on Feedback is the way it affects others, if not necessarily myself.

I won’t list the ways music can make someone feel or the ways it benefits people, if you’re here on this site then I imagine you can describe it better than I currently can anyway. The point I’m making is that before Feedback my opinions on music existed in their own little world. An echo chamber of my own thoughts that went unchallenged. One where I didn’t want to challenge my attitude towards music because I never had the urge to research or debate it with anyone, let alone myself.

Now having seen another side to music, one which I can view and appreciate objectively since it does not involve me, I can say I have a newfound sense of appreciation for music. Perhaps not the type I expected to find, but an appreciation none the less. Its influence cannot be understated and while I can’t attest to it influencing me greatly, I can appreciate music for the way it affects people other than myself.



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