Finding new music

When I started writing for Feedback, I knew that I’d have to find music to write about. I usually will stick to the artists I know and hopefully will come across new music whenever I can. In order to find music to write about I found myself having to look much harder to find new content.

Normally I’d not go scouring the net for new tracks so this whole experience was new for me. My first stop was Soundcloud, a website I use almost every day so I thought that finding new music though there would be easy enough. Sadly I was very much mistaken. It turns out that all of the “popular” music on there was mainly rap and electronic, not that I don’t like the genres, but none of the songs really appealed to me. Even in the more specific categories, such as rock and indie, I didn’t find music that I either enjoyed or thought would make for a good review. So this scratched Soundcloud off of my list of music sources.

An easy method was to listen to what was playing in my local stores, and try and Shazam it if it sounded good. Sadly I haven’t come across any decent songs yet but this has certainly worked in the past. I was introduced to Lola Coca (one of my new favourite artists) because her music happened to be playing in an H&M. A few other artists have been introduced to me this way and it’s always worth keeping an ear open for some good music when you’re out and about.

I’ve never been that interested in the charts. When I was younger, a lot of my friends  would often be listening to whatever was “in the charts” at the time and I never really enjoyed any of it which put me off listening to it for a while. However, since finding music has been a little harder than I thought I figured that I would have a look at what was high in the charts. I still don’t enjoy the majority of the music that I came across, and I feel that I’m just a bit picky when it comes to the music I love.

Whilst I don’t listen to the radio as much as I used to, it’s always been a source of good music. With such a large array of radio stations to tune into, I was spoilt for choice. I think that I listened to pretty much all of the BBC stations, as well as Heart and Capital. Thanks to this I’ve not stopped playing Cake by the Ocean by DNCE which isn’t exactly a new song but it is one that I wouldn’t have heard otherwise. Radio always provides this excellent mix of what people want to hear and music chosen for them to listen to by whoever is hosting the show.

One of my fellow writers on Feedback, Innes, actually introduced me to this way of finding music. As a PC user, I tend not to use ITunes regularly unless there is music I can ONLY buy from there. So when Innes told me about how he found the Japanese House, a band that I now listen to pretty often, I knew that I should check out what music was on there. A quick overview of the suggested music section lead me to come across a handful of new artists that I’ve had a great time listening to.

Overall there are so many different ways to find new music and I don’t think I could cover them all in just one post. Talking to your friends to ask what they like or seeing what music your parents have in their library are other ways that I always find to be a great source of music. Always be on the lookout for new music and you’ll discover it faster than you’d expect.



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