Maccabees Farewell Tour

After what feels like an eternity of waiting, The Maccabees have finally announced their farewell tour dates.

Myself and my girlfriend (both excited) set out alarms for 7 o’clock this morning to hear the announcement on Radio 6 before their webpage went live with the dates. With the wait over you would have expected everyone to be buzzing, and probably a little sad, for the band’s final gigs. What many people weren’t expecting were three gigs in total and two of them hosted in London.

In a pretty shocking move, it seems that the South will host  two of the three farewell gigs with Manchester hosting the third. As would be expected, lots of people have taken to twitter to voice their opinions on the tour and most people are pretty excited but the band have left some fans feeling left out of the celebrations.

Having only seen the band this past summer in Cardiff it seems like a lot of people will be missing out on some excellent music and I really sympathise with them. When the White Stripes spilt up I knew I’d never get to see them live again, I’ll admit I’ve seen Jack White which is 50% of the band but it’s not the same.

Many people won’t be there to see the bands final performance but you can appreciate their music by playing it at home and playing it loud.


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