Acoustic Sessions

Lemaitre recently uploaded a couple of acoustic tracks of Playing To Lose and it really made me appreciate their music much more. Previously they had only done an acoustic cover of Cut To Black, but this was recorded with them playing on a boat and it was a much more relaxed and “summery” video. However, the more recent acoustic covers have been recorded professionally and in my opinion they sound a lot better than the original  electronic versions. This got me thinking about how acoustic sessions can really change the way that a band’s music can sound.

Obviously the acoustic session format isn’t new by any means, and bands have been doing this since forever, but it is still  important. Recording these can take many different forms and I think that is why I always enjoy listening to them.

A band can opt for the more professional approach ,as Lemaitre have done, and record it in a studio and create a well edited track, or they can go for the more intimate and less “perfect” approach. I’ll give some examples to show what I mean.

Lemaitre’s acoustic sticks to what the original track sounded like and it works brilliantly. Replacing the vast array of synths with a more traditional set of instrumentals including guitars and pianos. It sounds incredible. The song transforms from an electronic festival song to a more classic indie song (well to me at least).

On the other side is Dave Grohl’s acoustic cover over Times Like These. As compared to the original song it is a big step towards the more intimate style I mentioned. Whilst other covers do this more than this one, I can’t get enough of Grohl’s re-imagined versions of the song. It has a lot of soul to it and it undergoes a huge transformation from a big rock song to a quieter and arguably more powerful acoustic cover. Grohl has also done a superb cover of Everlong which I highly recommend.

I feel that with so many new artists opting for the electronic avenue of sound, some of what music has to offer is being left behind and I think it is a huge shame. Hopefully future artists will go for the unplugged approach and it will bring with it some much needed diversity to the music scene.




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