Oasis Reunion: Five Possible Support Acts

Bookmakers slash Oasis reunion odds

Fan excitement went through the roof this morning as rumours of an Oasis reunion next year gathered pace and caused several bookmakers to cut their odds on the band getting back together, with some completely stopping taking bets on the matter altogether.

The whispers began as reports claimed brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher were looking for support acts for Oasis gigs next year, which would see the band perform together for the first time in eight years.

And when we heard of the band’s potential plans, we couldn’t help but rack our brains to conjure up some artists we think would fit the bill of supporting them.


The up-and-coming indie pop five-piece from Stockport have already a whirlwind year and it could be about to get even better for them. They formed in 2013 but only began to attract recognition as a band with real promise and potential around December last year.

And they brought that momentum into this year, getting their tracks played on high-profile radio stations such as Radio One and Radio X, supporting Kasabian and The Stone Roses in the summer, and selling out an international tour.

But the band’s biggest achievement was their self-titled debut album reaching number one in the UK album charts in its first week of release!

They’ll surely be hoping they can support one of the biggest British bands of all-time and continue their excellent progress in such a short time period.


Arguably the most likely band to be in with a chance of supporting the Gallagher brothers and co on their prospective tour is fellow Mancunians, Courteeners.

The indie rock trio, whose hard-core following strikes resemblances to many British football clubs’, have been together for 10 years now but many critics believe they’ve been on the same level quality for too long without excelling and establishing themselves as a genuine force in the industry.

Could a place on the same bill as Manchester’s most argumentative brothers, together with the excitement generated by their fifth album Mapping the Rendezvous and their huge headline gig at Old Trafford cricket ground next year, finally cement Liam fray and co as one of the best British bands of the 21st century?

Inspiral Carpets

The indie rock band’s affiliation with Noel Gallagher has been well documented with the latter being their roadie pre-Oasis in the late 80s, and they’ve kept a friendship and mutual respect for one another since then.

Inspiral Carpets have never had a number one album, with their debut LP Life, performing the best of their five in the charts as it peaked at second in May 1990.  This is a stark contrast to Oasis’s chart record as all seven of their studio albums reached number one!

Could Noel Gallagher repay the band’s favour of handing him a job in his early 20s and let them support Oasis next year, allowing them to branch their audience out and attract younger fans?


This is the wildcard of the list as they’re not widely known at all, but they’re definitely one to keep your eye out for over the coming months.

The Australian trio formed in Sydney in 2012 and began to win the hearts of many in 2014 but it’s taken them four years to begin to earn any plaudits here in the UK, which they finally started to receive after the release of their debut album Hills End in February.

And was clear Oasis have been huge inspirations for the band even before they said it publicly. Matt Mason’s skilled guitar riffs in Lay Down, In the Moment, and Play it Out are reminiscent of Noel Gallagher’s in Supersonic and Live Forever while the slow, emotional So We Know draws parallels to Talk Tonight.

And lead singer Tommy O’Dell’s vocals are very similar to Liam Gallagher’s in his early days – meaningful lyrics sung at the top of his voice but with grace and elegance.

We can only dream of DMA’s supporting their idols for now, but it would be magnificent to see.

The Vaccines

The London trio have seemingly been in hiding since they released their third album, English Graffiti, in May last year but you always feel like they’ve got something brewing ready to shake up the indie music scene at a moment’s notice.

Most critics consider the band, who got a number one album with Come of Age in 2012, currently one of the biggest indie artists out there. Their lightning-quick, buzzing tracks are the ideal gig and festival tunes and they leave their fans in a state of euphoria after an energetic live set.

There can’t be many more tracks than If you Wanna, Handsome, and Wetsuit to get the crowd pumped before Oasis storm the stage for a reunion, can there?

The Nature of Reality

It felt only fitting that I used the title of the above track for the final section. Obviously, all of this is just speculation for now but surely the band we all know and love will make a grand return to the stage at some point over the next few years and we’ll be there to witness history!

Who would you want to support the band if they reformed? Comment in the section below.

By Ryan Petterson


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