Denmark’s Top Five Singles

This week’s international music update is on Denmark. We want to share a section of their chart music with you so you can get a feel for what is doing well over there right now. There’ll be some familiar names but also some you’ve probably never even heard of. God fornøjelse (enjoy)!

An evening in Denmark. Photo credit: Nelson L.

#5 Let me Love You by DJ Snake (feat. Justin Bieber)

DJ Snake isn’t necessarily a household name but he’s actually a two-time Grammy nominee – for producing Lady Gaga’s Born this Way album in 2012 and for his UK top 40 hit Turn Down for What last year.

But this song is a hit in its own right, having currently been in the Denmark and UK top 20 for three months.

It’s got all the key attributes of a successful dance track as it’s easy on the ears, has a smooth bass drop, and the vocals are pretty good too. All of this means you can easily sing along to the chorus and can also get your dance moves out. No wonder it’s an international pleaser.

#4 Se Mig Nu by Gulddreng

The 21-year-old Danish rapper, whose name translates to “golden boy” is an up-and-coming artist in Scandinavia. And he’s already made a huge impact on Denmark’s music scene, with all three of his singles, Model, Hva’ Sa, and Se Mig Nu (the only pieces of music he’s ever released), peaking at number one this year.

The title of this one translates to “see me now” in English, which is pretty ironic considering the singer wears sunglasses to cover up his face as he doesn’t want his true identity to be known!

This track isn’t the typical type of rap we’re used to in the UK as it’s much slower and uses drums and guitars as opposed to having a fast pace and an abundance of beats and loops. The lyrics, however, have a common theme of American and British rap as they revolve around love. The song is about a woman the singer loved but left him, and how he is going to improve himself so she can see she’s lost somebody worth having a relationship with.

#3 Cold Water by Major Lazer (feat. Justin Bieber and MØ)

Major Lazer is an American electronic trio, consisting of Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire. The band formed in 2009 but it’s been pretty quiet for them since then until they brought out this song. Their latest album Peace is the Mission, which came out last year, peaked at 25th in the UK album charts but Cold Water garnered worldwide success within just weeks of its release this year, becoming number one in the singles charts in Australia, Netherlands, and UK.

This track is probably going to please the dancers more than it will those who love a good singalong. The chorus is quite weak and there aren’t many lines you can sing at the top of your lungs. But the irresistible electronic dance beats more than compensate for that slight disappointment and that’s probably an important factor for the song’s international appeal. Nobody can pass up the opportunity to bust some moves to this one.

#2 Starboy by The Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk)

The Weeknd is a Canadian solo alternative R&B artist, who has gained worldwide prominence over the past couple of years with four top 10 UK singles since December 2014. This is the title track from his new album which will come out on November 25.

This fast-paced, track strikes clear resemblances to several songs from fellow countryman Drake’s Thank me Later album, which eventually pushed him up to the next level of stardom and The Weeknd will be certainly hoping this does the same for him. And it could quite possibly do so as it’s currently his best chart performance of his career.

#1 Closer by The Chainsmokers (feat. Halsey)

The Chainsmokers is a New York EDM (electronic dance music) duo, which formed in 2012. The pair released their first single, Erase, four years ago and have brought out 14 more tracks since then but they still haven’t released a debut album. And they’ve been public about the matter saying they have no intentions to put an album out, disappointing many of their fans.

Closer, which was fourth in last week’s Denmark music charts, was brought out in July and has garnered phenomenal global success since then. The single has reached number one in multiple countries including Belgium, Canada, Norway, UK, and USA.

The duo make some outstanding electronic beats in this one and it’s hard to believe just two people have created them which is a credit to their talent. The tune is so perfectly executed you can actually sing to the instrumental parts. And when a song has the ability to make you sing at times when there are no words, that’s when you know it’s done its job of getting you hooked.

But this one has you singing along all the way through because Halsey’s Taylor Swift-like vocals and rhyming are so easy on the ears you just can’t resist them.

This one combines dance and pop superbly and is fully deserving of its place at the top of the pile.

Final Thoughts

Who knew Denmark’s music charts were so filled with electronic and rap music? That was this week’s top five.

Tak (thank you)!

Header photo credit: Jacob Botter

By Ryan Petterson


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