Album Review: Afterglow EP


Lemaitre have certainly been making us wait a while since their last EP ,1495, and eight long months are finally over as Afterglow is out now! So today Feedback will be taking a look at the duo’s four-track EP.

Playing To Lose feat. Stanaj

The EP kicks off with a pretty solid club track, which I think shows off Lemaitre’s new direction, but has split their fan-base up quite a bit. For many fans, they see the song as the duo taking their music in a new direction but for many it seems a step too far as it moves away from what has made the pair’s music so good in the past.

It certainly is a new sound from the duo, but I feel it still carries the soul all of their other songs have, with some extra stuff thrown in there too. The tune certainly is catchy though, and I’ve found myself whistling it quite a bit recently which is always a great sign.

I reckon if their music continues to follow this style, they’re far more likely to climb the charts because it will certainly appeal to the wider audience even if it might not be what their original fans demand.

Some great harmonisation and a superb instrumental set the EP off on a great start.


We Got U

The most popular song on the EP, and definitely my favourite, is a callback to Lemaitre’s older style of music. It incorporates their iconic guitar but blends it very well with more electronic and bassy instrumentals. It isn’t particularly strong in the lyrical department but it doesn’t stop it being an excellent track I think is the heart and soul of the EP.


Haze feat. Phoebe Ryan

Without a doubt this is the weakest track of the EP. It makes me sympathise with the fans who feel the new direction of Lemaitre’s music just isn’t working. The song doesn’t sound like them, and I don’t think it’s just because of Phoebe Ryan’s inclusion; it lacks any of the band’s original sound and it lets down the EP quite a bit.


Last Night On Earth

This definitely is the most “old Lemaitre” track in Afterglow. It has a brilliant use of electronic synth and some guitar thrown in there too. I can already see it being used as backing music to a music festival montage video because it just suits that atmosphere which a lot of the duo’s songs do.



Afterglow is absolutely the biggest step the band has taken away from their more recognisable style. With nearly all of the tracks showing this new direction will really work but just the one summarising what can happen if they stray too far away from what they’re know for and best at.

A decent set of songs I’ve enjoyed a lot, and ones that will no doubt be played on the radio soon.


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